Chessbase - the place to play online chess

The excitement during a big tournament is what every chess player wants to feel all over again. Unfortunately, the tournaments in the chess clubs are rare events while the big professional tournaments and open cups aren’t within everyone’s reach. If you like playing chess online, things can be quite different. There are online chess tournaments every day and they are open for everyone who wants to join in. Here we will present you a couple of websites for playing chess online which offer their users regular participation in tournaments which means at least one tournament every day.

Of course, the leading website in this respect and many more when we mean playing chess online is the German website chessbase. If you become their client, you will be able to play against over a thousand chess players at any time. Actually, quite often the number of players in the website at the same time reaches more than 4-5 thousand. Every evening there comes the time for tournaments for chess online and in a special tournament section you can join open tournaments by the Swiss system. There are usually about 120 chess players who play chess online in extremely fast controls such as one minute to finish the game and 3 seconds added for every move, three minutes to end the game or 5 minutes plus 3 seconds to end the game.

What I, personally, don’t like in these tournaments for chess online in chessbase is that there is no option to play in a normal blitz control of 25 minutes to end a game. Another unpleasant thing at chessbase is that all decent options for playing chess online are paid.

When we mention tournaments for online chess we shouldn’t miss the correspondence version of the game and what gameknot has to offer in this respect. Every month there is a new tournament for correspondence chess online and a month in the correspondence chess is quite a short time.

These two websites for playing chess online will certainly give you the necessary thrilling experience in tournaments so that you will satisfy your competitive aspirations. Of course, these are not the only websites. There are many other similar websites with different options for competitions every day.